AABC - Associação António de Bacelar Carrelhas

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“To organize a fundraising gala, as we did for ABC with 432 is the smart choice. Pedro and Paulo have a creative and artistic genius that leaves no one indifferent.

It is commendable to see the audience and the guest artists committed in the show with such enthusiasm. The performance is framed and adapted to the content of the message you want to convey.

 Their professionalism, discipline, flexibility and humour are 432’s trademark.

 Pedro and Paulo gave more than a performance; they faced this event as their own. They supported our cause and were able to convey our message, mobilizing the audience in an extraordinary way.

Our event wouldn’t have been the same without your presence and generosity. Thank you Pedro and Paulo for making ABC a reality."


Mónica Carrelhas 
Membro fundador da Fundação ABC